After much un-seasonal caroling we spent 2 days in the recording studio at the beginning of autumn recording the beautiful Alfred Burt carols with Dee Coyle, our assistant musical director, in the conductor’s hotseat.

Robin Foley of Sponge Design has designed the beautiful album cover you see here.

Our successful Fund:It campaign will allow us  pay the final bills (this recording business is very expensive!).

Carrig Sound are working as I write on the final edit and we plan to have the complete album mastered over the weekend in London and in production early next week.

We hope to have albums on sale by the week of November 26th, fashionably late for the Christmas season as it is these days but, like, rock ‘n’ roll.

It’s been a … learning curve? …rollercoaster….? Well let’s just say we are really, really looking forward to having the finished article in our hands!