Cork Chamber Choir sings the complete Alfred Burt carols

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This set of vintage American carols is almost unknown in Ireland, and the choir discovered them by chance in 2011. They are so special that we decided to record them – and every album sale will benefit Barnardos Ireland.

Cork Chamber Choir sings the complete Burt Carols is the first European recording of this gorgeous set of Christmas carols that were written by jazz musician Alfred Burt between1942-54. They were written as part of a family tradition started by the composer’s father. Alfred Burt died tragically young and never saw the success of his legacy, but some of the carols have been made famous by artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Nat King Cole, and Rufus & Martha Wainwright.

With catchy melodies and rich harmonies, the music is full of the heartfelt sentimentality of the era. Each carol has its own theme, with the Christmas story centre stage, as well as celebration of simplicity, goodwill and the hard work that goes into making a family Christmas.

Barnados Ireland  is a perfect match for the music, with children present in many of the carols. Carol of the Mother is a gentle lullaby written for the composer’s wife when she was pregnant with their only daughter, while Some Children See Him is a vision of anti-racism written long before the civil rights movement. Cork Chamber Choir hopes that album sales can make a meaningful contribution to Barnardo’s work in Ireland.

The album’s packaging plays on the vintage theme and was designed by artist Robin Foley of Sponge Design, making it a very attractive stocking filler.

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