Our next project is super exciting! Thanks to an 8-month collaboration with composer Ian Wilson, it’s a new work based on texts written by choir members, and set to melodic material composed by us too.

Inspired by Triskel Christchurch, it explores ideas evoked and provoked by that space. Ian Wilson has brought his inspiration, skill and experience to bear on our ideas to create a hugely evocative work.

Members of the choir firstly provided original texts in direct response to spending time in the Triskel Christchurch space then, with the composer’s encouragement, also provided melodic fragments for parts of those texts; often each member would provide a piece of melody for both their own text and someone else’s, thus creating a broad pool of material.

The composer then used this textual and musical material as the basis of a large-scale choral work which, as well as exploring ideas specific to the architecture and character of Triskel Christchurch, also examines ideas evoked and provoked by that space, including faith, society, war and daily life. The result is a work that speaks broadly of the human experience, very much shaped by the singers and the space they will sing in. Part of the work’s concept is to fully employ Triskel Christchurch and therefore the choir sings in different parts of the space at different times during the work. Teampall fuaime was funded through the Arts Council of Ireland’s Artist in the Community scheme managed by CREATE.

Admission: €10/€7 concession